Thanks to Fritz Langrock from Burlington ( we are now a registered 501(c)(3) and any donations will be greatly appreciated. 

December 2015:

One building is up and we are already planning many fun events!!!

June 2015:

​The excavator was here and things are moving right along. There will be more site work but it started raining so hard that we had to stop. The good news is that we got the site prepped enough to start working on the foundation!

These are the logs from the property in the first picture then Leo the sawmill guy came and turned them into a lot of lumber as you can see in the second picture! 

It was a lot cheaper this way then buying lumber at the lumber yard, about 30% of the price so it is a huge savings, BUT an enormous amount of work also!

My dear friend Suki came to the rescue and helped and I can tell you right now that we both had never sweated this much or were this tired. Honestly I think we both had heat stroke afterwards since it was such an incredibly hot day and no matter how much we drank, we couldn't stay hydrated.

The whole ordeal took 3 days but for day 2 and 3 I hired a couple guys each day to help since it was simply too much and each one of them was just as exhausted as Suki and I were!


Originally we were looking for land to buy, but then we realized that it is simply too expensive or way too far out! 

Claudia's land between Stowe and Morrisville had just recently been logged because of it's proximity to the airport. There is a lot of site work to be done, because right now it is still a stump forest (no trees just stumps) and it will have to be turned into a meadow. So in short, that is where we will create a sanctuary for animals in the most desperate of needs. Most likely it will be cows, pigs, sheep, goats and maybe some fowl if the dogs get along with them!

We already have a lot of lumber from the trees that were cut and Claudia over the course of the last year has been collecting windows and doors from various places. 

​Now all we need to do is a lot of yoga to get into shape for the spring when those muscles will be desperately needed :)