Dear Friends,

Together we are creating a dream! 

A dream that can come true for many animals, a dream of a warm place that is soft with hay and straw and plenty of food, a place where they are safe and nobody mistreats them for any reason, a place where there will always be ample food and most of all kind hands that touch them with love and compassion!

Of course love always goes both ways! 

By creating Happy Heart Sanctuary we are not just creating a place for animals but for human beings as well. It is a place where we are building a community for everybody that wants to make this world better. All of our events will be centered around one theme and that is HAPPINESS! Making all Hearts Happier and doing good in the world.

Valentine's Day was the first time we had a yoga class here at Happy Heart and from here on out we will have 2 classes a week Mondays at 6 pm and Thursdays at 6 pm. We have the privilege to tell you that phenomenal teachers have agreed to donate their time! All our classes are of course to raise money but we will never turn anybody away because they can't afford to pay or can only donate very little. We will not check how much you put in our homemade donation shoebox, we are just grateful that we can give the joy of yoga/union to as many people as we can fit. Space is limited to a maximum of 10 people so it would be wonderful if you could either go on our Facebook events page and sign up or send a message when you can make it. If you do say you are coming please make sure you will because somebody else will not be able to. 

Eating yummy food! Since we are chocoholics like everybody else we decided to make our first vegan cooking class all about chocolate :) 
It is on March 2nd at 6 pm and we can definitely not fit more that a maximum of 8 people so please let us know soon and reserve your sweet spot!!! One of the easiest ways to stop suffering for farm animals is to stop eating them and we will make sure that you have amazingly delicious alternatives. This will be the first of many cooking classes and all of them will be plant based. The heath benefits will be astonishing as well!

Which brings us to Soup Sundays!
Every second Sunday of every month from 4-6 pm (starting March 13th) we will have a big pot of soup and bread and everybody is invited to stop by and meet new people, hang out and become a part of a wonderful and loving community! Please bring a bowl and a spoon if you remember just to make logistics easier. If you forget we will of course have an extra one! 

So far we have already built the place to do events and this summer we will build the barn and put fencing up so the money we get from donations at our events will go directly to building shelter for the animals. Needless to say we will have a great barn raising party!!! 
Most likely we will send out one or two emails a week about the events that we have going on but if it is too much let us know. Also feel free to forward this to anybody you think might want to become a part of this great and loving adventure. 

With love and gratitude 
Your Happy Heart Team
118 Happy Heart Way Morrisville VT 05661 (This is where we have all our events listed as well)

Thanks to Fritz Langrock from Burlington ( we are now a registered 501(c)(3) and any donations will be greatly appreciated.